Any way to change.....


Is there anyway to change the default image that’s used if Volumio doesn’t find the cover art.

I don’t like the one that’s used with all the little album covers displayed. Mainly because I detest most of the albums shown on it lol.

I’d like to able to use my own generic one if that’s possible, and apologies if this post isn’t in the right section.



Via ssh, have look here : /volumio/app/plugins/miscellanea/albumart/default.png
Try to provide a same size image (pixel)

Thanks for the super fast reply, I’ll try that once I get home and report back [emoji4]

That’s correct, and remember to clear your browser cache after that

I tried suggested but nothing happened, first few attempts said no permission to do that then I copied the command again this time adding the : before the / and it took it but then nothing happened?

I’m obviously doing something wrong and admit that I don’t know what to do even if it did show something lol.


what I wrote means :
The displayed default album art image is located here /volumio/app/plugins/miscellanea/albumart/default.png
If you want an other picture, you have to replace this file by yours.
From your computer, search in file explorer search for Volumio shared volume, called INTERNAL. Place your file here, with the same name, and same size in pixel, same format png.
Now from a ssh console (ssh volumio@IP password volumio) copy this file to the previous location

cp /data/INTERNAL/default.png /volumio/app/plugins/miscellanea/albumart/default.png

clear the cache of your browser. now you should see your image in Volumio.

Thank you! I found the default cover art very busy, especially on a smartphone.

It has just been changed to something less “strong”, see … 394a3efa78