Any tips on adding radio stations? Trying to add local


I’m a long time LMS user for internet radio, but recently started looking at overhauling my system and Volumio came up often as a recommendation. So far, I love how Volumio works, and the Spotify integration is great.

The one thing though that I seem to be missing is my local radio stations. in LMS. my local radio stations were already in the pre-list of stations they provided. I can’t seem to find that in Volumio, so I have been trying to add them in manually. I have never done this before, and the only thing I could come up with after looking at the page source in Chrome was this

Anyone have any link they can recommend to me to add local stations to Volumio? Also, what formats are valid/acceptable?


Also can we add BBC radio stations to the list. The BBC aren’t listed on Shoutcast.

The BBC streams links are here: … adio-urls/

I think the trick is to search for a URL for the station that ends in .m3u or .pls. So for KQED, a local public radio station in San Francisco, I went to their web site and found this page:

From that page I plugged in the below URL into Volumio’s Add Web Radio and it worked:

Note that a lot of local radio stations owned by large national aggregators don’t support streaming URLs and force you to use their apps and web sites (e.g. IHeartRadio).

It’s strange, when I plug the URLs from the above link into Volumio they play for 30 seconds and stop. Perhaps it is because I am in the U.S. But going to the BBC’s Wikipedia entry there is a list of URLs on the right side bar:

I clicked on the link for “Worldwide stream URL (HTTP progressive, 128 Kbps MP3)” and it downloaded a .pls file. Then I plugged the first URL into Volumio and it worked fine other than the Volumio display shows the full URL instead of the name of the station: … 22ed5cf769

Looking at your signature you’re running V 1.x

I’m running V2 RC2. Is that why it’s harder to add radio? (The old versions of Volumio you could add a plist file) That same process doesn’t work with RC2.

Need to update my signature, I have piCorePlayer running on my old RPi B+ but running Volumio 2 0.976 on my Rpi 3. Just checked and your personal Webradio entries are stored in /data/favourites/my-web-radio. So I just used the nano editor to edit the file and added a new entry and it worked fine. The file is in JSON format and you will see the pattern when you bring it up - just 3 fields per entry, the service name (“webradio”), the name of the station, and it’s URI. Looks like there is no way to add a plist file, only individual URL’s of .m3u or .pls stations one by one. Would be nice to be able to import plist files per the Volumio 1.55 format.

But it’s just as easy to add new Webradio stations through the UI, however when you are all done it would make sense to make a copy of this file on your PC somewhere, so if you had to flash a new image of Volumio and start over you could just copy the file over.

That worked, thank you! I can now listen to 6music!

I used the streams from here: … adio-urls/

The ones listed on the wikipedia page, HLS, didn’t work.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The current version of MPD that plays back audio streams doesn’t support HLS, but I understand an upcoming release will.