Any thoughts on IQaudio Pi-DAC Pro?

Just went looking at IQaudio’s site and note they have a PCM5242-powered device now; has anyone any thoughts on this? More specifically, the 5242 has a snr of 114db and the 5102 snr is112db (the 5102 is used in the HFB boards). The 5242 has more control interfaces (as far as the TI website comparison page is concerned) but what I have no concept of what this means in terms of listening to music…

Using one here on rpi3 & kali (3.3v linked from rpi to dac pcb). Very slightly better than my highly modded cambridge dacmagic plus (PSU mods recapped and lme49990 opamp chips) so all in all this cheapo dac experiment can match about £600 quids worth of dac. impressive to say the least :smiley:

Question for those who know about these things (@Michelangelo?); is there any more that could be got from this board by adding a discrete driver to Volumio or does the Pi-DAC+ setting do all that is needed?


Chris M