[Answered] Has development for other platforms stopped?

Hi people,

Am new to Volumio. Got a tinkerboard when I saw that it was supported by Volumio. Seems development had stopped for other platform except RPi and x86. I do have an Ordroid C2 too. There are already a few release for RPI but it stopped for odroid and tinkerboard. Will there be anymore development for other platform?

Hi Sym,
as we stated numerous times, our main effort is concentrated on pi and x86. All other platforms are updated on a best effort basis.
In any case, I am building a new relase for tinkerboard as we speak

A new release for Tinkerboard?!!! Yes!!! Looking forward to it, Michelangelo!

Thanks Michelangelo - Tinkerboard seems to be a very decent platform for audio

Hi kind ppl from the Volumio team,

Is there any indication then the newer version for tinkerboard will be released?

yes, we will release newer versions of Volumio on supported boards like Tinker once we have finished our current update cycle.
(Major update which will allow us to do a kernel update as part of a Volumio version)
There is no ETA though, so please bear with us a littleā€¦