Another Volumio experience out of the box

I’m brand new to Volumio and Rpi. All I knew was what I had read. I had brought together the following:

  • Raspberry Pi 2

  • Power supply, i.e. not powered from some other device via USB

  • HiFiBerry DAC+

  • Volumio current version

Then I slavishly followed the instructions:

  • HiFiBerry instructions: bolt the board onto the Rpi. Time taken: 1 min

  • Volumio instructions: download the software and flash to an SD card. Time taken: 20 mins

  • Volumio instructions: plug the power in, plug the network cable in, plug the power in.

  • Volumio instructions: dial up volumio.local/ on my web browser, connect to the interface, updat to point to the HiFiBerry. Time taken: 2 mins

And I pointed my iOS device at the Airplay Volumio and played out some tracks.

So for a half hour of work, most of which was spent waiting for the SD card to flash, I now have a fully functional device. Not a single problem encountered. Not one. At all.

Amazing, you Volumio guys. You’ve taken all my diagnostic fun out of fixing your obscure software bugs - there don’t seem to be any. This one worked first time right out of the boxes! Thanks!