Another old audio guy with a RPI4

Greetings from Canada

I Just got Volumio installed and internet radio playing on a RPI4. I am here because I have been following Volumio over the years and since 3.0 dropped I have wanted to try it. I’m hoping to use the RPI4 so I can retire my aging Mac Mini (2009) as a music server for my ripped AIFF library. I plan to install a NAS for all the data/music needs here. I have been using Pure Music as a player with the ITunes library stored on an external drive and the mini driving a USB dac through a Wired4sound Recovery reclocker.

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@JDBrian Welcome to Volumio. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the last few years.

After being stumped yesterday I upgraded to the trial version of Premium and called it a day. Success today, after investing some time learning basics about RPI and a watching a few Youtube videos. The external HD on my Mac system would not work as a source of music files. Not wanting to risk messing up 800gb of AIFF cd rips I found an old usb HD, erased, reformatted it and loaded up about 50gb of music. Boom, Volumio found it right away. I’m impressed with the responsiveness of the App on an IPad. I prefer the Contemporary UI to Manifest at this point, probably because it is closer to what I am used to. I also got Amazon prime music to work via Airplay, again using an IPad for control. Sound quality is pretty good through USB with the Recovery reclocker between the RPI and the dac. I have upsampling turned on and set to 176k. However playback still indicated 44.1 so I don’t know if the upsample function is working. All in all a good result.