Annoying bugs: wifi, hostname, 1-file playback

Dear all,

I got my Pi4/4GB last week and now with the all newest Volumio Release I think I shall report some issues with clean, freshly installed Volumio.

I used the previous release for a week but haven’t experienced the wifi behaviour (see below) like with the newest release.

Config: no hat, just the board alone, headless, SD card surface scanned & absolutely healthy (Samsung Evo 16G), 1x 250G ntfs HDD on USB3 in external case (case with own power), http UI, v3 user interface.

Wifi and hostname issue: after fresh install I see the Volumio wifi. I connect, have access to the UI, I tap through the first quick start guide leaving everything on default (!!), even the hostname… really… everything. Save button, device restarts, I connect again to the Volumio wifi and the weird behaviour comes:

  • connectivitycheck.platform…. although the first setup set the hostname to volumio (I assume at least and expect this).
  • when I then want the Volumio to jump onto my wifi at home (wpa2-psk), it works nice. Then comes the wifi of my Huawei mobile wifi device, it connects to it but Volumio is absolutely unreachable via IP address or host name, although router log shows it’s there. Then comes my Honor Phone’s hotspot, works. And then I go over to my friend, he has a Cisco router with his DSL, same case like with my Huawei mobile router: it sees the wifi, connects, gets IP, and is total unreachable. As if Volumio’s wifi would have some allergyc symptoms to some wifis, strange.
  • We then tried to solve the issue via switching off the router and waiting for Volumio to come up with it’s own wifi, it didn’t detect the loss of known wifi network and didn’t come up.
  • The strange behaviour of having an IP address but all connections refused is with cable too. Routers were set up okay, standars ones, no idea why just Volumio cannot work on these… Local IP-s on the same LAN, so no firewall between hosts…

Playback: I have some albums ripped as 1 flac file + .cue file next to them. Volumio lists and sees files and plays individual tracks okay. But when I tap into a track to a later position, it plays the new position from track1 (actually the whole flac) while stull displaying actual track. An example: when I play track4 and tap into a position of 1:23, ibstead playing track4 from 1:23, it plays track1 from 1:23 while displaying track4 being at 1:23. Can we hope for a fix for this behaviour or better convert the 1-flac + cue album into separate files ? (Easy with Aimp, just asking).

Otherwise keep up the good work, great stuff !!!