Anima The Project

I present to you my project, created and designed directly by me.
Anima The Project

A part of this quarantine was dedicated to the assembly of my project.

So: volumio 2.873

Rpi4 2gb
Dac Innomaker (alloboss)
LCD 3508 (Hdmi)
LCD2004 I2C
Vu meter
4tb HDD wd red
Case: 450x315x90mm | Front 10mm

Front panel: on off button, 3.5 "LCD, vu meter, LCD 2004 (i2c), vol +, vol-, play / pause, rev, ff keys, 3.5 headphone output
Rear panel: Usb3 - Hdmi - Ethernet


Looking good. How does it feel from your side? Always nice to see devices in a nice case.

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Amazing, very nice work

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This was at the beginning of the project. A simple wooden box made and painted by me …

before moving on to a more serious chassis…and with hdmi screen

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