Android Volumio App dropdown menu

Hi There!

It seems that there is a bug in the Volumio Andriodapp.
I run the volumio app under Andriod 5.1.1 on a Sony Xperia Z1 compact model.

I am used to choose the songs I like to hear via the musiclibrary like :
Browse -> musiclibrary -> NAS -> Music -> [Artist] -> [Album]

This works so far very good for me.

What dosen’t work at all is to openen the “options” dropdownmenu on the right side on every first entry.

Well, it opens but gets lost in the apps grapical content above the first entry no matter if I hold my phone horizontally or vertically or if if I change the view from list to grid.
This is a very unfortunate behavior if I try to add some song to queue.

If I acess Volumio via my phones andriod chrome browser erverythings works fine.

I made some screenshots



maybe it’s a bug or my phones Andriod version ist just a way to old.


Hi JayZee,

I just figured out that you have (or had?) the same problem as I do - please see: access-queue-t10854.html. Did you find a solution in the meantime?

Kind regards,
Bastel Misch 2

It is the same problem as on my 7" Raspi Touchscreen running with Touchscreen-Plugin (800x480px).

or this:
or this:

It is a bit annoying so far. As i do not know how to fix it it would be nice if somebody could find a solution here.


Hi all,

have a look here ->

Since then I’ve been using Volumio in english language.


I am running Volumio in English. Same problem.

Btw, anybody knows how to make a screenshots from Volumio2 trough SSH, running on Raspi3+ and 7"Screen? I tried already Scrot, it is not working.

AtB Maartin

Hi all

I had a similar problem to the one of JayZee on my Raspberry Pi official touchscreen.
I found a workaround by modifying the css.

  1. enable ssh :
  2. open /volumio/http/www/styles/app*.css
    as explained is this post (change-size-elements-disable-elements-browse-tab-t9053.html), the name of the css can vary. I don’t explain in this post how to modify the css, if somebody does not know, please answer to this thread and I will explain
  3. replace .dropup { position: relative } by .dropup {position: absolute}
  4. save and reboot your volumio

Please let me know if it does not solve your problem.


Dear kessahat,

Thank you for your post. I have followed your advise and the first impression is positive. I will check further and return …

Kind regards

Not working… Still, if the screen is too small to have a scrollbar, the menu won´t display completely.