Android App to R Pi 3b connection doesn't hold. v 2.907

I’ve the situation where I connect to Volumio through the Android App using a pixel3 and it all works as expected… I use Internet Radio or a USB connected drive with audio library - streaming to a DAC.

All good but. When the phone goes to sleep, usually I can’t reconnect to the stream without writing the app and starting out again to have control over Volumio. This means to hit pause (if I have a call or some other interruption) it can take 30 seconds or so

Any ideas where the problem lies? The R Pi (connected via WiFi) doesn’t stop playing, glitch or the like, I just can’t easily change my music selection or start stop on demand.

In the scheme of things it’s just annoying, but I’ve been putting up with it for some months.

Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere, I hunted around but most problems seem to be about network connection of the Pi to the network

Look up your display you mite be able to stop your phone going off
Call l am not sure about how to stop .

I can change the screen timeout duration but that’s not a viable option.

I’ve checked all other app options and there is no option to ensure it keeps working in background.

The only thing I can compare to is the SoundCloud or Mixcloud app. but if course that’s not really the same. It’s like having a remote control for the stereo that you have to reboot everytime you want to use it