[Android App] Share spotify links with volumio

Can anybody please Help in this tpoic?
Still can not use spotify android app for link sharing

I got the same issue as the previous two posters, any tips on how to solve?

Follow up from my previous post, I got it working by filling in volumio’s ip address under the hostname tab. Hope this helps others who’ve had similar issues.

Could you please elaborate on this hostname tab? I can’t get Volumio to show up in my list of apps to post to.

EDIT: Never mind! I got it :smiley: working great

Hi there,
I installed the app, enabled spotify in the WebUI and i can send stuff to volumio successfully, but it doesn’t do anything
anyone has an idea why it’s not working? i have a spotify premium account

And you can start spotify songs from the webgui?

If not, your credentials might be wrong. Reconfigure it and if it doesn’t work, that’s a known issue please search the forum :mrgreen:

Still can’t use it, Is it possible that you need to root your android phone in order to have it working?


in spotify go to a playlist press the tripple :
Click Share (the arrow)
Click Post on… (the first)
Click more
Browse the list and select Send To Volumio

Its a little hidden. You don’t need a rooted android.

dont they make an app that does something similar, called swaptunes?

Could be, never heard about that app. But a quick google shows me that its a IOS app and not android, while this whole threat is about an android app.

I have used this app almost daily with Volumio 1.5. I haven’t been able to get this working with Volumio 2.0. Has anyone else had this issue? When I share the link, the app says the link has been shared successfully, but Volumio does not begin playing anything. Any ideas?

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