Android App lost the right submenu for song Play and Queue

After the last few updates on Volumio, the Android app lost the song submenu
Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 17.34.26
Now it only show the 3 dots and if I click, nothing happens.
Every time I click on a song it actually puts the whole album in the queue which is quite annoying.
I am using an Samsung S8 with Android version 9 kernel 4.4.111-17263988
I purchased the Volumio app through Amazon App Store and it shows version 1.13.
Doing more research it seems that the App Store version is much more updated. Is this the case that the Amazon store has not updated Volumio Android app since 1.13?

This is not a problem with the app per se, there is a new playback mode.
If you don’t like all songs added to queue, go to playback options -> playback mode -> single

As a matter of fact the problem was with the Android app version available at Amazon App Store which is very outdated: 1.3.
As soon as I purchased it again though Google Play Store, I was able to get the latest version and now it’s working as it’s supposed.
Unfortunately the Amazon App Store is a broken alternative to Google Play store. There are more complaints of others apps that have not been updated there. I won’t use it anymore.