Analog-out settings for Utilite

Hi all,

Just getting going here. Cool stuff! I flashed my SDcard and got the web interface up on the Utilite but can’t get the analog-out working.

I have a headphone jack plugged into the line-out on the back of the Utilite and it is going into a line-level in on my amplifier. The amplifier works well with a iPhone out, though the volume has to be way up on the iphone.

I assume it is something in the playback settings. I have been trying different combinations but haven’t had any luck.

Audio Output ; imxspdif, wm8731audio, or imxhdmisoc
Mixer Type: disabled, Hardware, or Software

Any tips?

Also some times the unit freezes after a setting change.


So in the end I found why I couldn’t get my sound to work here is what I did:

  • ssh in the machine
  • use “alsamixer” command (wihout quotes obviously)
  • press F6 a pop window appears and select “wm8731audio”
  • with arrows select “Output Mixer Hifi” slider and press m to unmute it
  • press esc to exit alsamixer

It would be nice fro teh Utilite analog-out people if it was not set to mute by default. :slight_smile:

Great project!!

enjoy !