Amazon Echo spotify audio to Volumio spotify connect?


Im using Amazon Echo and RP3 Volumio.

I would like to send the audio to my Volumio Spotify Connect plugin… Perhaps its made possible now when they add Sonos support? Perhaps thru a Sonos plugin? … -p/1369523

"[i][b]Status Update
Updated on 2017-11-27

Hey folks! We have some news about controlling your Sonos devices with Amazon Echo. This week, Sonos confirmed their devices are to receive an update that allows users to play music from Spotify on its speakers via Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The update will be rolling out gradually over the coming weeks, with Google Assistant support to follow in 2018.

This idea is still marked as ‘Not Right Now’ because we can’t comment on third-party partnerships with our Connect partners. Thanks!

I second that. However I think it’s still closed for 3rd parties.