Amazon Echo interface to Volumio 2

I was an early adopter of the Amazon Echo and think it’s awesome - especially with the recent support for Spotify Connect. The Echo has an open API being used by a large number of third parties to extend its functionality.

It would be awesome to have Volumio 2 support the Amazon Echo, so you could give voice commands to your Echo to play music, skip to the next track, change the volume, and those commands would then get sent to Volumio.

And even if you don’t own an Amazon Echo, for the DIY’ers which is most of this community, you can download the Echo software and run it on a Raspberry Pi:

I am going to start looking at this, amazon echo is available the 28th in the UK and I couldn’t resist :laughing:

It will be fantastic! Anyone willing to make a plugin for Volumio for echo compatibility?
Here’s how you can do it:

I pre ordered one to.
Not the echo but the smaller dot.

Now it would be great if Volumio could play the answers from Amazons Dot to the ceilling speaker.

The simplest way I guess would be via Bluetooth.
Raspberry Pi 3 has Bluetooth integrated.

When Volumio could be recognized as Bluetooth Player, the I am sure we could use this.
Did anybody tryed to get Bluetooth working?
Also this would be nice for Android users who can not use Airplay :unamused:

Greet`s Erich

No bluetooth support yet, but it could be very simple without bluetooth in any case:

  • Upnp
  • Websocket message
  • Streaming

Let me know when you need help

This would be a killer feature! I am now using the Amazon echo dot with Bluetooth and Spotify… And it works awesome!
Alexa, play “World Party” from Spotify
and here she goes. I have been using Volumio for about 2 years, but my family never wanted to use it, even not with a 7 inch display attached to it.
But now with Alexa, suddenly the whole family is using Alexa to play music and radio. Unfortunately via Bluetooth. It would be a killer feature if I could use it via Volumio, with the enhanced sound…

Yep, I was just considering trying this myself on a spare RPi0 I have lying around. It would be pretty awesome to get it hooked up to Volumio as well.

I use HABridge on a rpi with the Echo to switch my lamps with the rpi… the bridge translates the commands from echo in wget put or post urls… it works great… is it option to sent commands to volumio on this way?

All just talk at the moment :wink: