Am I doing something wrong?

My PiFi+ DAC finally arrived yesterday, so I decided to step my Pi with Volumio. Everything installed fine, I was able to change the name of the device and had AirPlay working great!

This morning, I tried to AirPlay to the Pi and the device wasn’t available. Connected via Safari & noticed that the device name reverted back to Volumio. Renamed it & it re-booted and I was able to AirPlay just fine.

Got home from work this evening, to find the same issue. Should I re-install Volumio & try again?

My “system” consists of a Raspberry Pi 2 & a PiFi+ DAC. Hardwired to my network.
Only running Volumio, loaded on a Kingston 8gb MicroSD

what is the version of volumio you use?
Do you change the name through the webUI ?

Stupid question: is you SD card writable and without errors? Looks like system cannot store data and fallback to defaults.

I’m using version 2.246. Yes, I was changing the name through the webUI.

As far as I know, it’s writeable and no errors. I used it for about 6 months with RetroPie, without issue.

I used ApplePi Baker to write to the card, not Etcher… Could that be causing the grief?

Etcher has this optional “validation” step after writing SD card where it checks data consistency. I don’t know if ApplePi Baker does the same.