Allo Vana Kit vs IQAudio Pi-Digi Amp+ vs JustBoom Amp HAT

What is the feedback on these three stand alone DAC/Amp kits. The Allo Vana is based upon the TPA3118, PCM5142 and the Kali re-clocker were the IQAudio and JustBoom amp/DACs are based upon the Texas Instruments chipset (TAS5756m).

Which is the higher audio quality? They all appear to have around the same speaker output wattage ~35 watts RMS @ 8 ohms.

The TA5756m based systems are smaller, cleaner and more straightforward from a power supply point of view.

The three systems are almost identical in price for a complete RPi3 system, ~$165.

Does the Allo Kali re-clocker board work with the TI5756m boards from JustBoom and IQAudio? If so is it needed or doesn’t add that much.


that is my question too.
i have the
IQaudio Bundle ( Pi-DAC+ with Pi-AMP+ FOR Pi-DAC+)
Allo Bundle (Piano 2.1 & Kali & Volt Amp & Capacitance Multiplier)
Justboom Bundle ( DAC HAT & AMP HAT)
but i did not compare the sound since now.

The Jusboom Case is very compact. i like that, but the loadspeaker connectors are smaller than the other bundle.
The Allo case is a eye catcher but not mobile.
The IQaudio case is something between both.

The Allo Vana kit is $100+ more then the other products so one would think that their product is much better and more powerful to justify the higher price.

Would like feedback on their value once reviewed.


my personal favorite RPI AMP & RCA bundle are now:
Allo (Boss & Volt Amp ) and the IQaudio ( Pi-DAC+ with Pi-AMP+ FOR Pi-DAC+)
and the
Justboom Bundle ( DAC HAT & AMP HAT)
( something for to go, for the bathroom etc.)

I think the piano2.1&Kali is prefered for better AMP.
I tried the Allo Bundle (Piano 2.1 & Kali & Volt Amp & Capacitance Multiplier) in my Bedroom.,
the Capacitance Multiplier gave discharge clicks to the loudspeaker after power off (for some hours in the night) to me.



Which amp kit has the most power? Just boom/IQAudIO products or Allo piano 2.1 Kali reclocker , amp, etc ?

Is it significantly more wattage? Can your ears tell if you don’t actually measure it?

OK, this day i compared Allo (Boss & Volt Amp ) and the IQaudio ( Pi-DAC+ with Pi-AMP+ FOR Pi-DAC+) on my
elac FS78

both setup do have their advantages. IQaudio for example needs only the 19V PSU.

The max volume where quite similar, but allo took the bass better on higher Volume.
(i played Max Richter - on Reflection and stan lee cole - separated)
both had bass problems with 100%
with allo nice up to 85%
with IQaudio up to 75%

for me both sounds really pretty good for this size, IQaudio was a bit more friendly, clear and open…
have fun, jens

Excellent input. Thank you.

elac FS78 have a sensitivity of 88db. I would expect them to require significant wattage for loud base. A good test of the amp systems.

Since the Allo Vana is ~$100 more then the IQAdio DigiAMP+ and is not as simple and compact it sounds like a vote for the DigiAMP+.

HiFiBerry has new Amp2+ HAT that outputs 60 watts for 4-8 ohm speakers!

This might be the ultimate amp HAT.