Allo Piano 2.1 Mono/left channel only

Hi all,

I’m experience the weirdest problem: my Allo Piano 2.1 is only playing left channel content - but over both channels! This is regardless of software used (Volumio, Archphile), DAC setting (Dual Mono, Dual Stereo,…) including/excluding Kali Reclocker in the stack…

Running this on a Pi 4, Allo Shanti Power Supply.

I’ve tried all options, all outputs, etc. and feel like I’m running out of things to try. It still feels more like a software than a hardware problem but what could it be?

Has anybody else experienced this? Anybody any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

maybe this will help you.

Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion!

Unfortunately, I think my issue might have a different cause. I think I understand the configuration options for the Piano as they are presented in the latest incarnation of Volumio’s GUI (as well alsamixer way) and I went back to Volumio 2.699 for the traditional Dual Mono options but all with identical results: regardless of the selected playback mode, both speakers play the left channel content only.

Anybody from @allo around to comment?