Allo Piano 2.1 + KALI vs Terra Berry DAC 2


I am in the verge of changing my DAC… With a difference of roughly 70$, the Terra Berry DAC 2 seems to be a wise choice.

Anyone ever listened to both of them? Michelangelo?

The Boss was my first choice, but I think a natural and flat sound fits better e my preferences…so, I am in the middle of nowhere =)

Thank you.

You can see some of my listening impressions here:

To come to your question, Kali + Piano 2.1 vs TerraBerry

The Kali + Piano 2.1 combo has the advantage of being a dual-mono (or dual stereo) solution and you will be able to reuse the Kali in the future whenever Allo releases a new DAC that can take advantage of it (but cannot guarantee Allo will release a new one).

Sonically speaking, the Kali + Piano combo is indeed neutral, but less detailed than the TerraBerry.

Hope I helped you

Hello, thank you!

Yes i read of Boss VS Terra but I wasn’t sure about hierarchy with KALI+Piano in play.