Allo Piano 2.1 (DAC) + Kali I2S Reclocker.

ALU box is coming in 4-6 weeks

:confused: What are you trying to tell me? Is using the continuous serial clock and bypassing the PLL a good thing or a bad thing?

I would like to know what it takes to get the purepath software so I can configure mine. I have sent two requests and its going on two weeks and still no software.Its a bit much to have to go through this just so I can use the darn thing.

This is TI issue. However if you tell us what you need we might be able to give you the files direct

PLL = jitter. Direct SCK its always better

So how do we achieve Direct SCK with the 2.1?

Its already in the new driver

I need the software to configure the dsp.I want to use the sub outs.

Download the latest Sparky image. It has it already

Rpi image is coming right up.

Any news on this?

Volumio team are on it. I dont have exact ETA.

Good to hear.TI sure cant be counted on to supply it.

Has there been any progress on this. I have had my p-2.1 dac for over a month and still havent been able to use it.

So what? You seem to forget we (the Volumio team) have normal jobs, a partner or family and do this all for you for free in our free time?
Do you actually know, how much time WE put in to get this going? Grow up please!

Seriously.I asked a simple question. If you dont want to spend the time doing it then don,t but don,t jump on me for asking a question.If you spend so much time why the hell doesnt anything work right.

:unamused: :unamused: you don’t get it do you?
And what doesn’t work? We’re not here for your Piano only, go play somewhere else.

I would like to point out that Volumio has a shop where the Allo DACS and other items are sold. This is a commercial operation and I would have expected Volumio to have some responsibilty to support the products it sells.

Hi, do you mean you could not use it because you did not have the TI PurePath? Or do you have some other issues?
If it is PurePath, I’m sure Allo will send it to you as soon as they can, please send them a message (I think they need to send you files directly). With PurePath, we can’t do anything since we don’t have any relations with TI.
If it is an issue regarding Volumio we’re here to help, given that you explain to us what is not working for you

Indeed we do,I just did not notice this post. However we can’t supply TI’s software (as I think this issue relates to them), Allo can and will supply what asked asap.
If you look at earlier posts you will see that both us and Allo were very supportive with people having issues (an early batch of Kali’s have been reshipped because of a software issue, and we’re keeping on updating Allo’s related functionalities).

I agree, Volumio and Allo have both been supportive, and that’s why I was surprised by gkkpch’s attitude in his posts above.