Allo Kali questions

I use Volumio 2.13 (March 27th) with a Pi3, Allo Piano 2.1 (in 2.0 mode) and Kali reclocker and I have a question for the more experienced members.

I was expecting a lot of improvement from Kali after reading the ‘game changer’ reviews. However, I feel that the quality with Kali is worst than Piano alone. With Piano solo I get a room filling sound a bit like this: (but not as good)

With Kali there seems to be a bit more definition in the mids but I loose most of the bass and the overall picture is just flat like the difference you have between $20 earbuds vs $150 ones. (just to give you an image,I am sure you can find good $20 earbuds).

I think there might be a problem but I am not too sure what could be wrong.
Has anybody experienced worst quality with Kali than without?

I noticed that no matter the bit rate when using webradios (192, 256, etc.) in Volumio it sticks to 44.1Khz sampling frequency (&44.1Khz family) is that expected? Same from Tuneblade, stuck at 44.1Hkz. I listen to music from Youtube trough Tuneblade knowing it is not great for quality but it still sounds better without Kali than with…

Most of my files are FLAC 44.1Khz 16 or 24bits, so I downloaded samples files with different formats to make sure the various formats are working fine and it seems OK.

I am a newbie with Pi DAC so any suggestions for debug or sharing of experience is welcomed.
Thanks you,

Hi Sebastien,
this is the first report we have about worst sound with Kali than without. It surprises me, so there should definetely be a problem in your setup.
Let’s start with the power supply, Which one are you using? How its connected?

Thanks Michelangelo,
I bought the capacity multiplier, i feed it with 5v 2.2v amp switched power supply then it feeds the Kali. I tried powering the Pi through Kali or separetaly (in case 2.2A were not enough) but I do not see a difference.

Capacitance multiplier will NOT work on 5V…please remove it and try again.

Thanks Allo,
I did that, not sure if there is a difference. I will test longer and report.

It’s not obvious that CM wouldn’t work at 5V, doc said that you get output voltage same as input. It measured fine and powered Kali aparently OK.

BTW, is there any driver or setting to be looked at regarding Kali? or is it completely transparent?

Thanks and happy Easter (though it probably does not matter much in India :smiley:),

Kali does not need any drivers. You should get a good increase on sound quality with the Kali.

We will change the page of CM on allo to make sure its very clear on what voltages it works.

So far I can’t say the difference is obvious, but I could only listen for 1h.

I’ll have a listen my Daft Punk Random Access Memory FLAC reference files trying to see if better or worst than Piano alone.

Does it require any burn-in?
I’m not a huge believer in burn-in, but why not.

No burn in required. Please keep us updated.

I’m not surprised that low resolution material such as found on Youtube sounds worse with Kali, because Kali will show up the flaws in it.
If you can’t hear a difference with Kali on CD quality material, maybe the rest of your system is not good enough to resolve it. What amp and speakers are you using?

Yes, I was thinking that maybe low resolution could appear worst.
It’s like playing 8bit video games on a 70" 4K TV…

However, on higher resolution I do not feel it is night and day difference, but could be my gear:
My amp is a Luxman 5M21: … eries.html
Speakers JBL LE8T based Sansui:
Cables are Belden 9497, quite popular here.

I have a Luxman A3500 tube amp that I am finish to refurbish, I can test with that in a couple of weeks but the 5M21 his more precise I think.

I don’t want to say something wrong so give me more time to test different setup.
I feel that removing the Capacitance Multiplier helped, maybe I’ll get a different power supply too.

I definetely think that Power Supply is where we need to look at. We observed that you need to feed the Kali (and it will feed both the DAC and the PI) with 5v 3A.
Try with that.

Yes Michelangelo you’re probably right.
It’s better without the CM and if I power the Pi separately.

Actually, I just should have bought the Allo PSU at the same time to avoid quality, power and connector issues. It did not look obvious at the time of the purchase but now it is. Anyway, I’ll try to get one that has 3A here.

I’m still curious about what to expect in term of Kali sampling rate based on the streaming bit rate. Using 192 or 256kbps web radios streaming do not seem to have an effect on the sampling rate according to Kali lights. Same for Airplay stuff, will it always be 44.1KHz?

Hi Sebastian,

I run a Pi 2 + Kali + Piano 2.1 using the Allo PSU.

I initially bought the iFi iPower PSU after reading a number of rave reviews, but found it introduced audible “interference” into the system. This disappeared when i replaced it with the Allo PSU. I got a refund on the iPower and do not regret it.

I don’t think you will gain much/any benefit from powering the Pi separately from the Kali (which I believe already contains power conditioning (my words) circuits).

Just my two pennies - feel free to disregard…

Thanks TreveK,
Yes I think anybody who buys Kali should get the Allo PSU with it it’s the best.
Afterward its bit had to pay shipping fee just of the PSU…

I have a PSU that is 5V 5A will blow-off the Kali or it will regulate current by itself?

Yes it should automatically drain just the power that it needs, the limits are just for volts not amps

Yes - I included it in my Kali and Piano order, not really intending to use it.
Bought it “just in case” (fully intending to use the iFi PSU) as it was so cheap - glad I did now!

Would the Kali work between my RPI and Hifiberry digi + pro?

No it will not.

Why would you want that? double reclocking?

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Just to let you know that I have upgraded to a new 5V 10A switched PSU that I found in an electronic shop here.
I have also finished restoring my Luxman A3500 tube amp.

I can now feel that Kali provides better clarity and improved the placement of instruments in good recordings.
This is with the tube amp and compared to Piano 2.1 alone.

Michaelangelo was probably right pointing a problem with the PSU.
Allo Kali’s buyers should probably get the Allo PSU with it, it’s good and affordable.

I also think the amp I originally tested on needs a bit of maintenance as quality is not always consistent and that played a role as well.

Thanks for your help with these investigations.