Allo Digione Signature + RME ADI-2 DAC FS issue with 24/192 and DSD64 files


I’m using the latest Volumio firmware on Allo DigiOne Signature. The Allo connects to the RME ADI2 DAC FS via RCA SPDIF.

When playing 24/192 FLAC or DSD64 I don’t get any sound output. I got the RME checked from RME support and they’ve confirmed it works fine.

The playback mode on the Digione is set to DSD DoP. Since 24/192 FLAC also does not work. Googling resulted in this thread Allo DigiOne 192KHz/24 Playback Problem where Allo seemed to say that the unit is faulty. My Allo is out of warranty.

Appreciate any help.

The Digione was good… It was my amplifier (TEAC Al-301) that had the problem. I connected the Digione to another amplifier and it sound great at 24/192

Oh. I got my RME tested and it works fine with another player.