Allo Digione Signature not in I2S DAC model list

Hi there, hoping one of you fine folk can help me out,
I’m very new to the pi, HAT and Volumio game and seemed to have hit a problem right at the start!

I have an Allo Digione Signature connected to a RPi 3b+ running Volumio. Both powered by wall warts via the Digione Signature. However I can’t see Allo Digione Signature listed in the I2S DAC model list on the audio output options. The closest I can see is the Allo Digione but that doesn’t seem to work (no sound, no connection seen on the DAC it’s connected to).
When I select the RPi’s headphone output I can get sound through the 3.5mm jack although this kinda defeats the point of the Digi Sig! This suggests to me that there’s something wrong with either the hardware (digi sig) or the associated drivers.

What am I doing wrong?
Any help would be great

It’s not listed but seems to pick it up if you unselect the listed 12S. That said, I can’t get a sound out of it, so wondering how well it’s supported.

there are instruction at Allo for volumio:\Amazon Drive
(link taken from DigiOne Signature Clean Power SPDIF Out)

Sorted it. You have to toggle the settings and Digione Signature appears as an output setting, but not as a 12S