Allo Digione Signature fails to lock signal with DAC - FIXED


I’m using a Allo Digione Signature to feed my Anthem STR Preamp, everything seem to be working okay except for one thing, when I have not played anything for a while (30 min) and I’m trying to play some 24 Bit 192 Khz music the Volumio/Allo Digione combo fails to lock the signal and I hear only garbage.

At first I thought it was a DAC issue, but after testing with moode, rune audio and PIcoreplayer/LMS I’m sure that the issue is with the Volumio software/driver because I’m not able to re-produce the issues with the other players.

Do you have any idea how to fix this, does the unit enter some kind of sleep mode when inactive for a period of time?

I read in a review that someone had the same experience with your own Volumio Primo player, are you guys working a fix for this issue?

Like I wrote earlier, Volumio is the only mpd based player having this issue so it must be a software problem.


The issue seems to be fixed by updating the Digione driver, thanks to Allo support, but now I’m getting another error reported here in this bug:
error-message-the-selected-output-device-not-available-t12739.html. I also had the small click on song change, that I fixed by changing the buffer size to 4mb and 20%.

This is my first experience with a PI Player and Volumio, and from my point of view it looks like there are all kind of bugs releated to this kind of player, so I’m wondering why these are so popular, do people really enjoy all the pain involved with a raspberry pie player compared to a Sonos or Bluesound :open_mouth:

To understand: what did Allo ask you to do?
Did you update to latest version?

We updated volumio with the latest digione driver: