The only time I experienced noise with PI3 was with the PI2 design tube amp. With the BOSS no noise whatsoever

Boss is now in full production. We are testing each unit before sending out.

We will try to send some units out tomorrow , rest Monday.

do you think to sell a bundle for the boss?
Something like this


For those interested to test the new image with BOSS support, here it is: …

Hello, i wish buy a dac , but i don’t know where is the best configuratio between raspberry 3 + mambo berry ls + kali o raspberry 3 + boss dac . The psu is the best ifi power I have read but many people say that allo psu is not bad. Help me to decide between this two configuration, what is the best ? Bossdac o mambo berry o piano 2.1 plus kali. Thanks .

I don’t think there is a straight winner to pick.

Without actually having tested these setups, going for a setup with the Kali makes sense. You get one of the best I2S signals and you probably do not need the Ifi power as the Kali and its PSU take care of clean power to feed both the Pi and the DAC.

Which DAC to choose is hard to decide as it probably comes down to personal taste as each DAC might sound a little different.

The Piano 2.1 has a few features (the second output pair and the DSP chip functions) that are not on the others, but only relevant if your setup requires these (to feed an active sub for example).

If the Boss benefits from the Kali, I am not certain but @allo can probably answer that :slight_smile:

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Boss will not even work with a Kali…Boss is like a reclocker + DAC on same board.


what power supply do you suggest when using the BOSS?

This question is interesting for me too.

is it enought the rpi3 official PSU?
does the boss need mandatory 3A like Kali?

Boss needs about 120mA of power…RPI psu will be enough

Thanks PatrickB , i ask you a further a question at this point my choice is mamberry ls o piano dac 2.1. Help me to choice and finally buy. Thanks

For what it’s worth, I have recently set up a Raspberry Pi 2 + Kali + Piano 2.1. Initially, I had also planned to use the ifi 5v power supply, but found that it created a high-pitched whine/buzz in this set-up. The noise disappeared when I switched to using the Allo 5v 3A power supply instead. I got a refund on the ifi power supply.

I chose the Piano 2.1 over the standard Piano (even though I don’t need a subwoofer output) as I read that it uses a superior DAC. I am currently running the board in 2.0 mode, but hope to try out the “dual mono” mode (one chip per channel) when it is enabled (due imminently according to Allo).

It is a personal preference that only you can make.

Pure tech options based, the 2.1 Piano gives you more features and (as mentioned elsewhere) if the dual mono function becomes available, even more.

But it is up to you :slight_smile: If you have the oppertunity, listen to both and than decide (or buy both and sell one later on)

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Hello PatrickB i have hear a bdt700 panasonic bluray and it sound very good ,that audiophile system kali + piano 2.1 sound better of bdt700. Thanks

my BOSS is on the way, posted on 01/03/2017!
But only today I read that the 1st revision would have a small problem. :astonished: :open_mouth:

What is the possibility of receiving a revised board?

Sorry for my poor english! :blush:


I was answered as soon as posted!

The discussions on the forum is about Kali and not Boss Dac.

Sorry for the confusion

BOSS arrived.
Raspberry pi 3 worked.
It does not work with Raspberry pi Zero (1.2, 1.3).
However, choosing HiFiBerry DAC + instead of BOSS will produce sound, but it is twice as fast!

Yep, BOSS works only with PI 2 or PI3.
There are no drivers for earlier versions…

Boss arrived, upgraded volumio to the version from 7th of March and… doesn’t work.
It seems to modules are not loaded automatically. It is not detected in GUI anyhow as an output. How to troubleshoot properly?


Do a fresh install.

Did you enable I2S DACs, select it from i2s DAC menu and reboot?