Allo Boss review (a short one)

My equipments: Rega Elicit-R amp and Rega rs3 speaker and Qed xt-40 speaker cable and Supra eu06 power block and Wireworld Straus 07 power cable

It sounds a lil’ more vivid at Boss. Basses are thighter too. Details are obviously easier to hear and it’s %25-30 stronger than stock (all cables etc.) raspberry.

I have written all these words after a weeks burnin. I was thinking like WTH?!? Is this that much applauded dac??? But I must admit that because of my negligance not all cables were stock at the Boss. (Red faced smiley here) So I replaced them and reviewed again.

At stock raspberry pi not all the instruments are spacious and vivid. Metallic blown ones a touch better than that.
But at Boss (installed pi but stock everything) its sonic performance made me smile! Like all instruments returned to life. Ex. in PF - High Hopes drums hit like slaps or in Scorpions - Holiday too. Guitar players pick slide can be heard at Camel - Dunkirk (01:10) (this is one of my references)

Layers can be distinguished easily and it’s much more revealing. At least %50 powerful than the stock Raspberry its clear. Soundstage opens up and widens. You can point who plays where in especially good recordings. And the original rberry is like a dull colored painting while the Boss’s painting is full with vivid colors but this level can’t just get achived with raising the sound. I tried it many times. Nah :confused: The only way to have it goes through the purchase and use whichever OS you like.

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