Allo Boss DAC, can you tweak Auto-mute in alsamixer??


I’ve been reading with interest the thread about the Allo Boss, I’ve currently got an IQaudio Pi-DAC+ which uses exactly the same PCM5122 chip as the Boss does. I adore the Pi-DAC+ but it too suffers from the clicks / scratches between tracks that are discussed in that thread (when the player itself switches from one track to the next in an album or playlist), it seems that all dacs based on the PCM5122 have this issue. My Pi-DAC+ feeds its audio output straight into a power amplifier (so no pre-amp), whilst this setup sounds very detailed, the downside is that the little clicks / scratches are much more noticeable than when feeding the signal through a pre-amp first.

The thing that helped eliminate the vast majority of those clicks was to fiddle with the ‘Auto-mute’ settings in alsamixer, increasing the time delay before auto-mute kicks in seemed to do the trick. To do this i accessed the player by ssh, entered ‘sudo alsamixer’, navigated using the left and right arrows to each of the two settings for the auto-mute delay (both stereo and mono - i think they were set to 21ms by default), used the up arrow to increase them to their maximum then pressed esc to save.

The settings that exist in alsamixer vary from sound card to sound card so my question is whether these settings to change the auto-mute delay exist in the alsamixer page for the Allo Boss?

Also if anyone has a Boss I would be eternally grateful if they could try increasing that delay setting to its maximum and see if it eliminates the clicks!

It sounds like the Boss would be an upgrade from the Pi-DAC+ but the clicks between tracks really, really used to annoy me so if they can’t be removed with the Boss i’d rather stick with the Pi-DAC+!


The auto mute settings exist and work as intended with the Allo DAC. I can hear the mute pop after the set time.
For me this did not help against some clicks, for example from paused track to next track. Normal track advance is okay for me but not perfect. Worst is Spotify connect (spotifyd fork by herrernst).

Thank you User_99, that’s perfect, like i said i’m eternally grateful - maybe a new DAC is on the cards!