Allo BOSS 1.2 + RPI 3 power on/off switch

currently I am using Raspberry PI 3 B + Allo BOSS 1.2 as my audio streamer/DAC and I would like to add an on/off switch to the setup, so that I dont need to unplug the DAC every time I am not using it.

Searching the web I found many solutions on how to install such switch on RPI (eg. this tutorial). But because I am completely new to circuit board tweaking I dont know if this could be done with Allo BOSS attached to the RPI.

I power my DAC from micro USB port on RPI and I also noticed that Allo BOSS board has some free GPIO pins. Below I am adding the schematic of the GPIO pins that BOSS DAC is using on RPI and GPIO pins that BOSS DAC has on its circuit board.

If anybody has any experience with this I would be very grateful for some guidance.


I use this and it works fine.
the plugin for this module is in the volumio plugin store
keep in mind that this module needs 7 to 9 volts dc and max 12 dc with good cooling.

AUDIOPHONICS PI-SPC REG Power Management / Power supply for Raspberry Pi - Audiophonics.

for my brother-in-law I used a regular push button.


I’ll Made it this way with a large cooling block.

in this way you can increase the input voltage, which may improve the sound.