All seems to be working except for the final usb link to my dac - any ideas?


I’ve been running Volumio successfully for a number of years on my R-pi 2B off a usb hard drive into a generic 12S dac. A couple of days ago I got no sound despite Volumio continuing to operate fine (I run the Volumio app on my iPad). Volunio communicates with the hard drive and appears to play songs / albums etc as it always has done but no sound! I have tried different usb cables to the dac with no effect yet have played my CD player through the dac though admittedly not through the usb input.

I’m starting to suspect that there is something wrong on the dac usb side but am reluctant (wrong time of the year to fork out for a new dac).

Has anyone had a similar experience or can suggest a way forward with this?

Many thanks,


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