All my folders are empty on NAS

Hello Everyone

I wanted to get the raspberry pi to stream music to the bedroom.
I have a basic understanding of technology but nothing more. Like I dont know ssh or what the mount flags mean.

Anyway, I have “successfully” mounted the NAS drive .


I get a green flag and it updates the library. I can browse all my folders but the folders are empty or contain just .cue files.
Most of my audio is .flac but it isnt listed. Not even .mp3

I tried changing the mount flags to “sec=ntlmv2” “sec=ntlm” and “sec=ntlmssp” but I always got red flagged.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help.

Ok solved


Allowed me to see the folders but not the files.


allowed me to see the files…

The two lines you posted are identical, did you perhaps mount the share with only one / the first time?
And then found out this is not the correct way to do it, and change it to // which made it work :wink: