Alexa for german users?


I bought a package from Volumio. The advertising promises the connection to “Alexa”. Unfortunately, the control of Alexa in germany is not yet possible. At least there is no skill on Does anyone have information here?


best regard from munich

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Same for me. Is there any news? Is it just a question of translation, because the functionality of the skill should be there.

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The same for me. Please add it!

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Same here.
German user, alexa was one of the reasons to by it…

Any news on the German version of volumio Alexa control?? I had the impression it was only a minor thing.

@lorbass I contacted the Volumio Team by mail an support ticket. (stating that I’m a native speaker and would like top support the translation process…)
The response by mail was like: Yeah, we’re working on that, we submitted your contact to the responsible person, they’ll contact you…
The response to my ticket was like: The translation process has finished, the “skill” is actually for approval at amazon. Therfore be patient.

After ~3Months, I contacted them aggain, no developer contacted me for translation, skill is still unaviable.
This time, they said that the “skill” is pending, cause they have other (more important) stuff to do…

I kinda find it sad, cause the community here is willing to help with translation etc. and the Volumio team does not response about the skill in public…

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Yes you’re right, thats quite strange, especially because they sell this feature in the “my volumio” packages.
That was one of the reason to subscribe. I altough offered them help with translation. But i think tehre are other problems.

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Any news about the german skill?
I have just upgraded to superstar but still no skill available???

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@volumio and @monicaferreira : Please give us an Update to this topic :wink:

Any Updates?

Meanwhile I canceled my subscription because it ran out anyway. I wrote them the reason, but even then no response. Strange behaviour. So we’ll what happens in the future

unbelievable that there is no german Alexa skill until now, although it is sold as a part of the subscription.
I will wait one additional month, but after that there will be one superstar less :sunglasses:

@volumio and @monicaferreira : Please give us an Update to this topic

I am a new user on Volumio and the first and second action of mine was to try Youtube and Alexa. Nothing worked. What a shame. :rage:

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@Sven_Bethge alexa i don’t know but the youtube2 plugin just works oke…

if you need some help with youtube2 plugin i could help…

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Thanks for the tip.
I created an Oauth Api Key and got the plugin to work.
Unfortunately, the songs are not played to the end.

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you need mpd update for that…on the 2.xx, if you have 3.xx beta it’s already included

Dear @volumio Team,
I strongly support above wishes for a german Alexa skill (… this would please a lot of people in DE, AU, CH). Would be very kind if this could be prioritized high as part of your backlog to finally make it. Thanks.


@Steps I absolutely agree!