Albums not visible in album view

I have my album collection of 107 wav files stored on Samsung 2 TB SSD. Currently I am running Volumio 2.917 on a Raspberry Pi 4B, but I had exactly the same issuewith the most recent beta 3 version.

Myfiles are perfectly well recognised when I set the path in the ,Music Library‘ tab and they are updated perfectly normal. But when I want to look at the albums in the ,Albums‘ tab, I see only two! For the life of me I can’t figure out why. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

@Sailor have you tried the rescan button? Takes a few minutes. Then maybe refresh your browser.

Another thing to check is that the media files have the album data set correctly. You can plug your ssd into a windows computer, select the media files in one of your album directories, right click, go to properties, then details. There you can check or change the ‘Album’ field data.

Thanks @SimonE!

I switched to the latest version 3 and the problem doesn’t exist there! Magic!

I do have a few problems with incorrect tagging, that leads to splitting of one album into several, but there’s a simple solution to this problem.

I very much like the new Volumio 3, great UI and most importantly great sound!

Thanks for your input!