Albums not sorted when using multiple NAS directories

I have my music sorted by quality: lossy, lossless (cd) and hd audio. These are top level directories under a ‘music’ share. Under each of these is a directory tree with albums.

I pointed Volumio (current version, on an RPi 3B) to ‘//servername/music/hdaudio’ first and it imported it fine.
Then I added ‘//servername/media/lossy’ and that imported fine as well, but the Albums view is not sorted anymore. Instead, I see the hd audio albums first, sorted A…Z, then the lossy albums sorted A…Z. Strangely, the Artists view is sorted the way you’d expect it (a single listing, A…Z).

I let it sit there overnight and I believe it finished importing everything.

I have other things I do not wish to import into Volumio under //servername/music so I cannot simply import that.

Is this behavior expected?

OK, I had another look and think I should have named this “Album view sorted by path name rather than album name”.

I created a test share and put a couple of albums:

Coldplay - Live 2012/ Dire Straits - Love Over Gold/ Foo Fighters - Wasting Light/ Garbage - Bleed Like Me/ Imagine Dragons - Evolve [Deluxe Edition]/ Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker/ Muse - Absolution/ Muse - Showbiz/ Rammstein - Herzeleid/ The Cult - Love/
The album view is like this:

Next, I moved the music into two subdirectories:

dir1/ dir1/Dire Straits - Love Over Gold/ dir1/Garbage - Bleed Like Me/ dir1/Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker/ dir1/Muse - Showbiz/ dir1/The Cult - Love/ dir2/ dir2/Coldplay - Live 2012/ dir2/Foo Fighters - Wasting Light/ dir2/Imagine Dragons - Evolve [Deluxe Edition]/ dir2/Muse - Absolution/ dir2/Rammstein - Herzeleid/ dir2/The Who - Tommy/
The album view is no longer sorted by artist:

Finally, I put everything back in the top-level directory but renamed the path names like this:

01 - Foo Fighters - Wasting Light/ 02 - The Cult - Love/ 03 - Rammstein - Herzeleid/ 04 - Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker/ 05 - Muse - Showbiz/ 06 - Imagine Dragons - Evolve [Deluxe Edition]/ 07 - Muse - Absolution/ 08 - Dire Straits - Love Over Gold/ 09 - Garbage - Bleed Like Me/ 10 - The Who - Tommy/ 11 - Coldplay - Live 2012 /
The album view follows:

It seems that (unlike the artist and genre views), the album view follows the filesystem layout and is not a database view.

My actual media library is > 90K files, so you can imagine that I use something a bit more elaborate than “all albums in their own dir under a single share” to store it. Unfortunately, this makes the album view rather useless as it’s impossible to find anything in a view of thousands of albums if they’re not sorted.

Is this intentional, not implemented or a bug?

Not implemented, but we can fix it!

+1 for me, would be great to have this fixed.
thank you in advance (and thanks overall for volumio)

I’m also sorting music into directories such as FLAC, MP3, Vinyl Rip so I have the same issue. Would be nice to see it fixed :slight_smile: