Albumart sometimes not showing correctly , mostly correct

Hi community
My Albumart is not showing corrrectly for some albums. Each album has its own folder containing multiple FLAC files and one .JPG, the albumart. The correct album art is not shoqn correctly for some allbum, though mostshow correctly. I tried a “Sources My Music Update” or a “Sources My Myusic Scan again” but that did not work. Please advise.

I had similar issues. The problem seemed related to large JPEGs. Limit is not exactly 1 MB but I find I never have problems since stopped using JPEGs greater than 1 MB.

In this case filesize is not the issue: they are from 50 to 110k.

Not sure if Volumio is indifferent regarding the name of the cover art file–at least, in the past I fixed this problem by changing the name of this file. Anyway, when Volumio rips songs from a CD, the cover art is stored as ‘cover.pgn’ (<1Mb). For CD folders with FLACs on my main drive a name like ‘folder.jpg’ does the trick.

Hi Martin
Your description gives me a bit more information about the inner workings of Volumio.
Difference is only that I rip the CD’s by hand (using Exact Audio Copy) and then use WinSCP to transfer folders and files to the media root folder of the HD.

I did not have a problem with the file name, but sometimes after replacing the cover art with a differently named file or a smaller file I did have to do a Reset Album Art cache.

Please tell me: How do I do a “Reset Album Art cache” ?

Settings, Sources, scroll down to Album Art Settings, there’s a Reset Album Art Cache button.
I recommend checking the naming of your album art images, either cover.jpg or folder.jpg are acceptable (other image file formats are also supported).

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Thanks, tried it and it worked just fine!