albumart covers that does not load properly

Dear Sir !
I have been using your Volumio player software since its release and I am mostly satisfied. My music hardware for playback is RPi4 with S/PDIF output Hi-Berry Digi+ Pro, so it goes to external quality 32-bit audio DAC “YULONG SABRE D18”, then to a top DIY output tube amplifier (DHT tubes 2A3 in SE configuration) , and at the end of the chain are DIY quality 80 liter sound boxes with quality 8" Audio Nirvana Classic fullrange drivers. The overall sound quality is outstanding. For a short time (2020-2021) I used a MoOde player, but at the end of last year I still returned to Volumio version 3 because it’s are better.
A small problem for me is the albumart covers that does not load properly. That’s why I haven’t decided to upgrade to the Premium version of Volumio yet.
Most of my favorite songs (about 10000) are in FLAC format and I processed them in the Tag editor, “Mp3tag v3.12” and they all have the correct albumart image. When I used MoOde audio player before, even Volumio audio player (up to version 3), more than half of the album art was loaded correctly during playback.
But now that I’m using the new Volumio (since version 3) the albumart isn’t showing at all. They are loaded only for a part of album art images that are downloaded from your Internet server. This is fine, but it would be a good idea to first upload images that are in the songs themselves (added with a tag editor or originally ripped from a CD or downloaded from the Internet) and only if there are none, upload them from your albumart server.
By the way, you wrote about the albumart in Volumio: (Settings/Sources/AlbumArtSettings/WebAlbumArt) - “Enable retrieval of Album art from Web, if no image is found in the file folder” but it doesn’t happen. Volumio does not see the image (albumart) integrated in the songs in any of the songs.

I ask for your clarification and help.

Thank you very much!
I wish you much success in your further work and cordial greetings
from Ivan Vrbat - Croatia! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Which version are you using, as this has been solved in one of the latest Beta’s. Had the same missing over 40% of 60000 albums, now I miss only 4.

I am using the latest available official version 3.233 from 24, Feb 2022.

will be resolved with the next release.

Thanks !

I had some missing album art long time ago. I discovered that Volumio doesn’t want to display images larger than 3000x3000. I resolved this by replacing big cover art images with 1500x1500. Most situatiosn 600x600 should do well also.

It’s already solved and deployed. Go to Sources → Albumart Settings → Clear Albumart Cache