Album sorting issue.

Hello to all.
I’ve been using Volumio (x86) for a few days now, I’m having several problems actually, but let’s proceed step by step with one issue at a time.
Let’s talk about album sorting.
My music is carefully tagged and the files are organized in folders.
I have a “Classical” folder, a “Jazz” folder, a “Pop” folder and so on.
Inside these folders are the individual album folders.
The main problem I encounter is if I use the view organized by “album”.
Contrary to what happens with all the music players I use, on Volumio I just don’t see all my albums listed in alphabetical order, as I would expect.
No, Volumio shows them to me in an anomalous order.
Regardless of the title, he first shows the albums in the “Ancient” folder, then those in the “Classical” folder, then those in the “Electronics” folder and so on.
In short, Volumio in the “Album” view organizes the sorting by folder and alphabetical order.
Instead I would like it to ignore the order of the folders and show all the albums in the library simply in alphabetical order.
Is it possible to somehow force it to do so?