Album Search

I start by saying I am new to this. I do not know Linux but am confident enough to copy code etc.

I have Volumio running on a Pi Zero with iQaudio DAC. I have put my music (very samll collection of 60 CDs) into the Internal Storage without any problems using iTunes to digitise the CDs.

HOWEVER, how do I sort out the mess of various artists on a CD. In album search I get an entry for each artist on a CD containing more than a single artist. My wife is a Dream Boats and Petticoats fan so I have an album entry for every track. I have tried playing about with the tags in BLISS removing the artist tag and also deleteing the artists in the artist field. I then use resan and update but all to no avail.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS please. Remember I will need a step by step guide if the only way to fix this is playing with the Volumio code via Putty and SSH.