Album display vs Folder names

I’m running Volumio 2.565 with HiFi DIGI. Browsing the attached music drive shows Folder Names. Is it possible to show the encoded/tagged “Albums” instead ?

For example, I have a folder called “gd1990-09-20 - MSG NYC” containing tagged FLAC files. The tags for these files has Album set to “1990-09-20 - MSG NYC”, and that’s what I want to appear while browsing the Artist albums.


The folder name only shows if you browse by
Music Library, Medianame, (mine is USB)

If you go by Album, or Artist, you see the results of the tags in the files.

Actual folders

But files in WorstMusic all have the Artist or Album Artist tag Coldplay

You’d see Coldplay when browsing by Artist, not WorstMusic

If files in BestMusic all have the Artist or Album Artist tag The Clash

You’d see The Clash when browsing, not BestMusic.

Thanks, that does work, but I have around 500 albums/live concerts. and I need to drill down by artist, then the album tags. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

Maybe I’m not understanding your question.
If the music files are tagged with Artist, and Album tags, it works exactly like you are asking.

Browse by Artist does show the album tags, which is goodness, but the order of the display is still by folder name, which is weird. Have to be consistent with folder naming I guess…


That’s not the behaviour I’m seeing at all.
Most of my folder names match the album names, but sometimes they don’t.
I have some Dire Straits albums that are duplicates, but different pressings or masterings.

Here is the Windows Explorer folder list.

And here is the Volumio Artist, open Artist and view Albums list

You can see that the list of albums is from the Album tag in the files, noit the physical folder names.

That’s what I see too, but instead of the listing displayed in Album tag order, they’re in folder name order. I try to keep them consistent (the folder names), and this works fine, but for some of them I wasn’t, and they fall at the end of the listing even though the album tags should place them in the right order.

Hmmm, is it possible to use the same actual folder name and album tag?
Is it possible to use a number prefix to folder names and album tags, so that you get the sorting you want?

1-1990-09-20 - MSG NYC
2-1990-09-30 - MSG SYD
3-1989-05-10 - MSG LAX

Yes. I just need to rename the folders for a few shows, regenerate my playlist, and update the main SSD, plus the 3 backups :slight_smile: