Album covers still not cleanly managed

Hello everyone,

I’ve installe version 2.673 today (dec 1 2019) and unfortunately I’m not still able to show Album covers for some albums and sincerely I cannot understand the reason. I’ve tried all solutions suggested up today on the forum, but none of them works properly…

Is there a definitive solution to this issue or not?


Hi Kramps,

I see that no one gives a damm about album art, and I have been having your very problem and then some. Here is an old post of mine from about the same time as this one

Since then I have learnt a thing or two about Volumio and my solution is to put a file named cover.jpg in the folder containng my album files, of 600x600 pixel.
Those cover.jpg files are loaded fast and look good both from a reduced view of a small device and from a larger view of a big computer screen.
Be careful with the file extension, .jpeg will not work, even though Volumio is based on Linux, mind you! (I have wasted half an hour on this detail alone)