Album Cover Pictures Duplicated


I have just started to use Volumio yesterday evening on a Rasberry pi 3b+

I apologize if this was posted earlier, but my search did not yield any results. The album cover picture is duplicated throughout my library. I used EAC to copy the contents of my Cd’s to the folder where the songs are played from. When copying the CD all of the metadata was retrieved including the album art.

Does anyone know what setting I need to change to correct this?

Thank you for your help

Band 1

  • Album 1
    • Song files
    • folder.jpg
  • Album 2
    • Song files
    • folder.jpg

Band 2

  • Album 1
    • Song files
    • folder.jpg

That is how it should look on your music drive. You should see the folder.jpg (it can also be called cover.jpg, and some other image file types also work) as the album cover art.

Thank you.

I am going to look for this now in the drive.

I appreciate the help on this.


Thank you again for your help. Is there a special way to view the music file within Volumio? I only see the individual tracks when I look at the library and also when I look at the files on the hard drive. I am new to the program and I appreciate the guidance so I can become more adept.

Thanks again for your help.

I work with the files from the network shares. That’s how I copy new music to Volumio, and how I edit or manage the files once they are there. I do that from my computer.
(This all on a Windows PC) (my Volumio is called Volumio) (my music is on a USB drive, in a folder called Music)
Open a file explorer window
type \volumio\usb\music
Then you can see the band directories, and under those, the album directories.

If you just put \volumio into the explorer address bar, you’ll see the default shares and can open them from your computer. You can use a tag editor (such as MP3Tag) to fix errors or add additional tags to the music files. You can add, copy or edit the album cover image files via the same means.

Thank you again.

I probably copied the files in the wrong manner. They are all showing individual tracks…could be since I stopped using Rune and just started using Volumio. The usb files were the same on the hard drive.

I will go back an redownload to a new folder and give it a shot.

Thanks for your help on this.

If you see all your music as individual tracks, perhaps you are missing the Album tag.
Have a look at the files with a tag editor like MP3Tag and see that the tracks for each album have the same Album tag.