Album art in library

I’ve installed version 2.001 today and was delighted to see the awesome album cover view in the library. I only have one problem with it. It only shows about 70-80% of the covers. For some it shows the generic picture, for some it shows strange photos of the artist. I assumed something was wrong with my tagging, so I re tagged my whole library (resized all album art to 600x600, deleted all embedded album art, put a folder.jpg in every album folder (named artist - album (year)) and re embedded the 600x600 album art. Then I deleted the old /data/albumart folder and rescanned the whole library. Same thing… a lot of album art is showing in the album view, but not all. When I click on the album or put it in the playlist album art will be displayed perfectly, just not in the Albums view in the library. Any ideas? Or someone could tell me which file contains the script for the Albums view, so I can try to meddle with it?
Apart from this issue the release is absolutely awesome. Thanks for that guys!

I have the same issue, any help would be appreciated!
I have placed a “Cover.jpg” in each album folder and ensured they are less than 600x600 pixels.