album art and cue sheets

I’m a newbie to volumio. great software! Feeding USB out to a bryston DAC connected to a high end sound system, and the audio is terrific.
2 questions, perhaps answered elsewhere, but my searches did not avail:

  1. cue sheets: volumio appears to be indexing cue sheets in my large repository. While this may be desirable for folks who have single file flacs, I have separate tracks and would prefer not seeing tracks derived from cue sheets showing up in my queues when I select a music folder containing both tracks and cue sheets. Can I disable cue sheet processing?
  2. cover art: my large repository has multiple names for cover art. difficult and error prone to convert all the instances to a standard name - a script might lose data. can I configure volumio to accept multiple album art names (e.g. cover.jpg, Cover.jpg, front.jpg, Front.jpg would all be accepted)?

sorry if these are well covered topics…