Album and Artist not found after upload

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.873
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
DAC: IQAudio DAC Pro

After uploading new 5 Albums using FTP to my Rapsberry Pi the number of albums in the index increases by only one.
After searching for mentions of the artist, there’s only one album found.
Renewed indexing does not help.

How can I force a ccomplete reindex (I tried both options in the menu)?
Other solutions?

Relating problem: an album can be found, but i’s empty! No Numers can be played.


A complete re-index is achieved by ‘Rescan’. It is possible that there is problem with filenames/invalid/corrupt files, which stops the indexing. You can try adding them one by one, or reboot and send the system logs after allowing a rescan/update to occur.

How to share system logs ?

Hi chsims1
Thanks for the tips.
Did a reboot etc and a rescan and… nothing!

Followed your advice to share the system logs, I’m curious how soon the response will come.

Could you perhaps tell me where the ‘index’ is stored, I could have a look maybe?


After hitting the “send log” from the ‘dev page’, you should have seen a short delay and then a URL to the log file displayed. If you would just cut and paste that here, we can have a look and see if there are any errors reported.

Hi Chsims1

The url is:
I searched for “Error” and didn’t find any that I thought were relevant.
But then, that was my uneducated attempt :slight_smile: