Alarm clock on volumio

Hi to everyone,

i have a little problem with volumio. There is a function which is called “Wecker”(alarm clock) in German. So i set the time, for example to 15:22 and waited. At 15:22 the old playlist stoped but the playlist i set for 15:22 in the alarm menu, didn’t start.

Does anyone know why? Is it a bug?
I tried to search for informations but i didn’t found anything comparable on the Internet.

Thanks for your help


p.s: I’m using volumio2

Maybe not quite a bug, but likely a timezone issue, but I agree this is very annoying to Alarm feature indeed.

By default Volumio is set to UTC.
Hopefully there will be some UI developed to set timezone at some point as per this.
Until then you can set it if you log into Volumio with a keyboard/screen, or through SSH: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and choose your settings.
Then this change will stick and your Alarm clock settings should be consistent.