Airplay with Synology Audio station don't work

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Volumio dont work whit Airplay from Synology Audio station, but work good with an iPad as requester.
I see Volumio in device list but dont play.
I have signaled this to the Synology support and I wait now for the reply.
Someone have the same problem or some ideas of the cause?

Thank you.

Same problem here. Volumio is visible and can be selected in Synology Audio Station, and visually everything seems ok…but no sound. Allthough each of both applications work ok on themselves.

Beste regards, Maxx


I have the same symptoms, as described in stream-audio-spotify-to-volumio-t448.html

I think it’s a problem with UDP vs. TCP or because there are two versions of Apples AirPlay protocol.

Maybe that helps a little bit you with your trouble shooting.

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Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Airplay works fine to Raspberry volumio from ios devices, but not from Synology audiostation !


When i manually restart shairport, i receive a message “required params missing from announce” when i start playing from audiostation (5.2-2628)
this indicates a missing AESKEY or AESIV looking at the code of shairport: … ter/rtsp.c
which leads me to an earlier issue regarding the incorrect spelling of AESKEY/AESIV by Synology reported here:
Might be the reported problem with the incorrect spelling of the AESKEY (ASEKEY) is still present in audiostation.

Update: installed shairport on an Ubuntu desktop, Audiostation is able to play to this device without problems. Looks like the problem is within Volumio (older version of shairport?)