AirPlay password setting in WebUI + uppcase letters in name


It would be great if you could make an option to set password for AirPlay in WebUI (and eventually possibility to turn it on and off). It took me more than hour to find out how to do it myself. I just added one line of code to the “shairport-sync.conf.tmpl” file in “airplay_emulation” plugin and it work as it should but I can’t change or turn it off easily.

Thank you for great work on Volumio 2!

(long) PS It would be great if the name of AirPlay device could be “case sentensive”. I know that right now it is implemented like that because same variable is used for different services which need lowercase string, but I believe that it is not so big deal and that feature would be more user-friendly and nice for our eyes :slight_smile: I would write that code myself, but I am not so confident in my programming skills and probably would break something instead of improving it :wink: