AirPlay Not Working? - BeagleBone Black

Just booted up BeagleBone Black with Volumio and got it linked to my NAS. Music plays okay through that and everything seems to be working fine.

Then I try AirPlay. Volumio shows up on both iTunes on my laptop as well as on my iPad, but when I play, nothing happens. If I’m already playing music from my NAS, nothing happens and music keeps playing. If nothing is playing to begin with and I play from AirPlay, nothing happens.

Am I missing something? Could there be something in code that I have to fix? The AirPlay is discoverable, just not playing… Anyone else have a similar issue?

This is a known bug, Airplay works only for integrated HDMI out on beaglebone black… .I’m working on that to get it solved! Anyway, before starting airplay you should pause normal playback.
And for the rest, how is it playing? Good? Other remarks?

Same issue here on beaglebone, but works fine after patching the startup script in /etc/init.d/shairport to :

/usr/local/bin/shairport -d -a “$NAME” -o alsa – -d default:Device

Last part function of installed USB sound device.

Had to use volume on Ipod in combination with Web UI for best result.

Was it the actual line you changed?

I had serious problem guessing the right syntax to change output for shairport…
As for the rest how is it going with the beagleboard?

I have the same problem on raspberry pi:
Connected by hdmi and cable LAN, it works fine playing music from my synology NAS’ shared folders. It’s shown as Airplay device there, too. But when I stream something to volumino by Airplay, nothing happens. No music, nothing changes in the web control interface (playlist or so). Airplay to openelec on Pi works fine.

I’m trying to create a multi-room Airplay solution, feeded by the music from the NAS and played by various Airplay Receivers (raspberry pi, Panasonic Airplay speakers) . While trying with RaspBMC’s or openelec’s Airplay, I experienced heavily async sound. I’m lookin forward to overcome that with your nice distro! Thanks for creating it.

I had the same issue with BBB and Airplay not working. The solution posted by bbo about changing the line in shairport file worked fine for me- exactly as bbo shows it in the post. Thanks bbo,
Many thanks to Volumio coder(s). I just loaded the app today and it works fine.
I loaded Volumio to my Raspi first, and while it worked fine on HDMI, using the Adafruit USB DAC that I have produced very poor, warbled output. Same USB DAC works great with BBB/Volumio however, so I guess it may have something to do with RasPi’s Ethernet port sharing the on-boardUSB hub chip.
I was thinking of buying the Wolfson Audio board for Raspi from Element 14, but I see a lot of driver issues reported on Element 14 forums, so have steered clear so far.