Airplay no sound on Volumio

Volumio can see the track I am playing on my airplay device. It shows the album art and the track progress. But no sound.

I have successfully been playing music from my NAS using Volumio for some time.


Have you checked the output volume of the device sending the audio? The AirPlay output from devices has its own volume control which can lead to the audio seeming to be silent or very quiet.

Note that this is different from the volume control of volumio itself - it is likely a volume button on the device sending the audio.

Yes the output seems to be fine. Just checked everything again. If I turn off the airplay the device plays through phone speakers quite loud.

The volume output level for Airplay is separate from the phone speaker output, but assuming you kept hitting volume up while airplay was playing that would have fixed it.

Ok, so next questions.

  1. Are you using an I2S DAC?
  2. What plugins (if any) do you have installed?
  3. What version of Volumio are you using and was it a “fresh install” or did you update to it?

Not using an I2S DAC. Using an external Topping E30.

No plugins installed.

Latest version of Volumio 2.806