Airplay features

I have Volumio running on my Raspberry PI and everything seems to be working well. I was able to get Airplay working with very little effort. I would love to see the Volumio interface become more Airplay aware. I’d like to be able to pause, play, stop, and use the previous and next buttons to switch songs in Airplay. I would also love to see the track name and artist displayed as well as album art. Keep up the good work!

I’d like to add an Airplay Feature:

The AirPlay Station Name is currently “Volumio” - it should be made configurable via GUI to support multiple Volumio Instances. Per default I’d suggest to use the hostname, since that can be configured via DHCP settings of one’s router.

Yep, the name configuration will be present in next release! The first question no… It’s not in the top priorities…

Thanks for suggestions! :wink:


+1 for the ability to change the Airplay name from the interface.
I’m doing it by editing some files since Volumio 1.2.
Now there is the possibility to activate and disable the airplay service directly from the UI, it should not be that much an effort to add the airplay name update.

Regarding rehills request it reminds me this recent post from aborboa :
The good news is that there is some work in progress it seems :wink: