Airplay Disconnecting

Anyone else having this issue?

Basically any time you change a song you have to reconnect to airplay manually.

(Pi Zero, Pimoroni pHAT DAC, official wifi dongle, everything else seems to be working well.)


Hey there,

i have the same problem. Raspberry Pi 3 output audio jack. Airplay used on a MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) OS 10.12.3.
And is it normal, that you have a delay of a few seconds?! Currently it is not possible to watch a video with audio over Volumio Airplay and have that synchroneous.

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Hi, team @ Volumio,

Facing the same problem as described by Moritz, I am using Volumio on Raspi 3B and I pad Air to stream audio via AirPlay while watching a movie on IPad, there is a audio delay of 3 to 4 seconds with the video being played on the IPad.
Also the iPad disconnects from the hotspot if the volumio window is minimised and need to connect again to volumio.
Pls help in troubleshooting…if we are missing any settings, or if some sort of bug.

Best wishes


Airplay is somewhat patchy in my volumio setup. It sometimes shows up in the iPad list of devices, sometimes don’t. As if it has a mind of it’s own. Also, while playing a song, sometimes there will be gaps and pauses.

One observation: when airplay disappears, the web address volumio.local stops working, always. Volumio can be connected using the explicit ip address though.

I had the same problem from volumio 1 to volumio 2. Same as pi 2 and pi 3. Currently testing it on asus tinkerboard to see if it make any different